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We have had wonderful success with our group! It is exciting to see so many places from so many different people who share our love of abandoned buildings. Because of the overwhelming amount of photos that have been coming in and that pesky thing called "life" getting in the way, I have not been able to keep up with the organization like I should have been. I will be slowly working on that over the next few weeks. If I cannot easily find your location from your profile or the picture description, your photo will be moved to "Unknown Locations". I have also had to temporarily limit the submissions to 3 per member per week to allow myself to be able to catch up. My apologies to anyone who has not been able to upload any photos because of the feature folder being full! I will get to work on that now! Happy exploring everyone and thanks for being a part of the group!
Wow its been a long while since I've posted anything here, sorry this is due to a awesome game our family plays called Minecraft.

But even this doesn't stop the world from changing. If you know where the new section of the 407 is going in Ontario, your well aware of the many buildings and forests that have disappeared  or will be soon. Some of the sweetest homes have ended up in huge dumpsters gone forever from the face of the earth. If you drive any of the roads north of Greenwood or south of Brooklin you can see the working being done.

 Its people like the ones in this group who have the last photos of many of these places. I know I've the last photos of about 20 different places. When I can escape again from the game I'll try and post some new photos.

I have been still checking in on the messages, but I see dementeddiva23 has been doing a awesome job of keeping things going in the group. Hooray for her!

Keep sending the abandoned places to us.

Naple Grey
There is a new place to check out called :iconat-1st-glance: .

What do you see in the pictures.

My most fav place was what I called Raccoon Barn. It was a two level barn with three out buildings,and a house, we always loved going back to get more photos. It was called Raccoon barn because there was a dead raccoon there. Sadly it was burnt to the ground, but my pictures live on forever.


Tell us in a couple of paragraphs the creepiest place you've ever explored.

Mine was the bottom of a old barn, one of many I'd been in, but this one, had been empty for a long time, according to the number of spider webs hanging around. There had to be thousands of old webs hanging from the ceiling. Spiders nor webs bother me, but being in this old barn basement.......scared the life outta me.    :wow:


Looking forward to reading your creepy spots.
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A what purpose is it to go into an abandoned building and smash the walls, bust the windows, literally destroy it?

The messes some of these places are in is unbelievable, makes you wanna cry.



If you used Goggle earth to see your world, or get birds eye views of your abandoned places, try BING Maps, they have some different views, sometimes they are clearer,:wow: and sometimes older views of the places.




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Please note you can highlight a group of photos and then use the move to folder button to move a pile of picture to one folder.

Our world is slowly disappearing around us. May it be death, job loss or progress, so many of our buildings and farms and farm lands are being removed from the face of the earth. Think about it as you drive by a new housing estate......what was there before the new houses appeared?

Do you remember?

Do you have photos of it....does anyone?

Our purpose is to give people a place to keep photographic memories of what used to be around in our world.

:bulletblack:There are no submission limits, so feel free to upload as many of your explorations as you'd like!

:bulletblack:Anyone can join the group as a watcher, and submit photos or written memories of places:

1/ Long Gone

2/ Places abandoned right now and still standing

3/ Places in ruins

:bulletblack:If you wish to be a contributer, then you will have access to the regional folders. In these folders please try to include a location of the building, maybe a goggle earth photo, before and after. Maybe a written discription of your find, and try to post any changes to the site as time goes on. Maybe a building falls down, or is burnt down, whatever, keep us posted.

Please ask us before you create a new regional folder, and please use them for abandoned stuff only.........not photos of your dog, or your new car.

This is a group you create, by adding to it and making it bigger.

Naple Grey








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